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10 Mar 2008

Kita patut bangga jadi orang Indonesia,,, ,ADIDAS aja bikin produk
spesial buat kitaThe folks at Overkill Shop sent over some information regarding
the latest release for adidas' Materials of the World project. The
nation in focus this time is the archipelago nation of Indonesia.
The inspiration comes from Batik-Made, beautiful fabrics with
intricate details found on the island of Java. The ancient art of
dying the fabric through a series of procedures makes Batik-Made a
fabric of Javanese royalty and one of six high arts of Indonesia.
Now, you can enjoy it too in the forms of adidas OriginalsMetro
Attitude Hi, track jacket, and cap. The sneaker also comes in
women's version. However, like Batik-Made, only a few can own
since there are only 1000 pairs available globally.

adidas Cap - Materials of the World - Indonesia
adidas Track Jacket - Materials of the World - Indonesia
adidas Men's Metro Attitude Hi - Materials of the World - Indonesia
adidas Women's Metro Attitude Hi - Materials - Indonesia

So, what d'ya think guys?

Pertama kali liat, setengah bangga dan setengah ngakak juga,
*lucu abisan, agak2 ga nyambung si Adidas batik ini*, but and
then, bangga lhoo !
Adidas buat edisi khusus pake bahan batik Indonesia.

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